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Scenario Management Service

I Give Up😡!!

Often this is the thought a non-techy Maker feels when he experiences an error in his scenarios. And what if he receives many more error emails from scenarios?


Time to cheer🔥. Dont worry. MSquare presents Scenario Management Service to manage all your scenarios at the most affordable rate ever.

Key Features

Scenarios Managed by Make Expert + Partner

Quick Issue Resolution

Complete Error Handling

24/7 Support on Chat & Call

Implement Best Practices & Operations Optimization

Monthly Subscription - Cancel Anytime

100% Secured - Under NDA & Agreement

How to Start ?

Follow these simple steps to get started with this Scenario Management Service.

Step-1 Click on Start now button and choose how many scenarios you want to start with. Once payment is done, our team can contact you to review your Make account.

Step-2 Once you are ready to onboard, Go to the organization tab and add our id as Admin user

Step-3 Our team will start taking care of your scenarios.


* We will create a dedicated interface for all error tracking and status updates.

* You can watch the real-time status of every error.

* You can schedule a call with our team for further discussion.

Book A Free Consultation Call

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