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YouTube Automation App

Now, quickly automate your repetitive tasks on YouTube - save time, increase traffic and grow traffic. If you’re a YouTuber or YouTube marketer, you will find this tool a good choice.

For your videos to rank high, you have to put in a lot of work. There has to be a lot of interaction with your videos. This YouTube automation tools can help you achieve this quickly.


See how this app works in real life. This demo shows the app looks, overview of all available modules, key features etc.


Key Features:
  • Get real time notification for comments posted by viewers on any videos or channel, automatically reply to them.

  • Watch for new videos posted on any channel and share/post that video to your Social Media channel, Internal Messaging tool like Slack or MS Teams or even on your, Wordpress site.

  • Keep all your videos updated - manage/update your video details, tags and manage your live streams.

  • Get instant statistics of any channel or video.

Start saving time and increase your productivity.


Follow these simple steps to setup and get YouTube Automation live in minutes.

Step-1 Create Account on

This automation app works on so you will have to create a free or paid account on

Use following link to signup and get 10000 operations free on for first month. Later you can choose the plan suits your requirement.

Step-2 Install YouTube Automation App on your Make Account

This automation app is available on invitation basis. Click on the following link to get invitation and install on your Make account.

Step-3 Use Activation Key

When you establish connection for this app, enter the Activation code along with Client ID & Client Secret


One Time Purchase / Life Time Access.

All Future Updates and Upgrades Covered.


Is this an automation software?

This is a custom automation app built on You should have account on Make to run this automation.

Are there any additional charges I have to pay?

Can I Upload Videos automatically on my YouTube Channel?

Will this automation work on Make FREE plan?

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