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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Automation

Automate the most repeated task from your Dynamics 365 CRM. Covers all 200+ modules, triggers and actions.


    Key Features:


    Works with 200+ Inbuilt Modules of Dynamics 365 CRM

    Build automated workflow for any module like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Workflow, Forms and many more.


    Watch Trigger available

    Trigger a workflow when a new record is created in CRM (across any module i.e. Account, Contact, Lead etc).


    Wide Range of Automated Actions:


    • Auto Create Records - with predefine values mapped from other modules.


    • Auto Update Records - based on predefined rule or workflow steps, update any field in record.


    • Auto Disable Records - deactivate records


    • Search Record - query based search, gives you opportunity to get data set as per your requirement


    • Get Record Details - returns details of specific records from any table or module.

    See this automation in action.


    Step-1 Fill App Invitation Request Form


    • Once you fill the form, you will get an email from

    • This email will carry the app installation link and activation code.


    Step-2 Install App on your environment


    • Follow the invitation link and install the app on your make environment.

    • Register a new application in Azure Portal and get Client ID, Client Secret. Tutorial document available here.

    • Fill organization base URL and activation key.


    Which modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are covered?

    Currently this automation app covers Dynamics 365 CRM module. We are working to create other modules of Marketing & Sales (which will be available as separate apps in future).


    How many CRM segments / sub modules are covered?

    This app covers 200+ modules under Dynamics. This includes, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Workflow and many more.


    Why it is available only on invitation basis?

    This custom app is designed and developed by Msquare Automation Solutions for

    Hence it is available only on invitation basis and it requires activation code to access.


    Does Msquare have access to my data?

    No, Msquare just developed this app. The workflow and entire dataflow will be created in your account. Hence we don't have access to any of your data.


    Is there any limitation on usage?

    This is a lifetime deal without any restriction on modules & usage. However your usage can be limited by number of operation available in your subscription.

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