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Train ChatGPT For Your Business
(On your business data) 

It takes just 2-3 minutes

3 Simple Steps to
Train ChatGPT on Your Business Data


Data Collection

• Fill the below form with the Data  of your Company/Business.
• This Data will be used to Train Chat CPT 4 on your business.


Training AI

• AI trains on the Data you provide
• It learns and comes up will all the possible FAQs
• This might take upto 5-10 minutes



Witnessing the AI Magic

• You will receive a link on your Mail
• You can Write a Review for your Business page and see the Realtime Reply


Step 1

This form has three sections

A. Please provide your information so we can alert

Provide the Information regarding your business to train the AI for personalization.

You can also upload Business related PDF Documents, like Brochures, Pitch Decks etc.

More Information leads to Better AI Responses

Step 3

Open the Link sent
to you on
WhatsApp and E-Mail

On the Page,
Enter the Home URL 
of your Company

Write a Dummy Review 
for your company and 
Click Generate

Your AI Bot is READY!

See the AI reply to your Review in Realtime

Liked what you See?

Get this for your Business

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