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App Integrations

We make internal systems that streamline Business Processes for companies across the globe.


These include Business Process Automation Solutions, Custom App Integrations, Google Sheet Automation and Dashboards, Automated Systems to replace repetitive tasks, and more...

What’s your Automation Requirement?

App Integrations  | Growwstacks

Our automation and App Integration abilities help businesses like your be more efficient, faster and robust, in addition to reducing manual labour and human errors.

Here are some case studies of our recent client works:

Projects We Have Worked On

Case Study

Personalized COLD E-Mail Automation
= Target + Prospect + Custom Mail

Identifying and reaching out to Tech Company CEOs in Australia using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for personalized outreach, thus enhancing campaign effectiveness and conversion rates.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator




Personalized COLD E-Mail Automation | Growwstacks

Want us to streamline your business processes?

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