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Our Products

Tidycal Post-03.png

TidyCal is now Integrated to and is ready for Automation

Tidycal Post-03.png

Automate the most repeated task from your Dynamics 365 CRM.

MS Dynamic Series-06.png

Automate processes and manage your data securely & effectively with our automation app.

Big Commerce-02.png

BigCommerce is now integrated to make and is ready for Automation

MS Dynamic Series-07.png

Automate business central manual processes with this automation.


Automate your reports and channel analytics with 10+ Modules in our automation app.

Auto export leads.png

Get real-time data from your comments with details in in a file.

Google Sheet Batch Update App.png

Bulk Append/Update/Clear, Sort & Format with Google Sheet Automation

Youtube cover website-03_edited.png

Your scenarios will be managed by Make Expert + Partner with error handling, grab this service now.

MS Dynamic Series-08.png

Automate the process of Shipment orders to Pickup requests and integration to wide range of apps.

Facebook Leads poster-01.png

We developed an automation which can transfer Facebook Ads leads

MS Dynamic Series-05.png

Automate Sales CRM key processes and streamline your business with this automation.


​Automate your manual processes within Shiprocket to save time and money for your couriers.

Didn't find what you are looking for? 

We build custom automation as per your requirement

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