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Microsoft Business Central Automation

Automate your Business Central processes such as payment, invoice lines,  and other manual tasks with this automation.

Microsoft Business Central Automation on | Growwstacks


Watch for Records
Watch for Records

Watch for Records (Advanced)
Watch Record Advanced.

Trigger For Items
Triggers when a new Item is created.

Resubscribe/Unsubscribe a Webhook
Helps you in easy Resubscribe/Unsubscribe


Create Record (Advanced)
Create Customer, Vendor, Payment, etc.

Update Record(Advanced)
Update Record (Advanced)

Search Record (Advanced)
Search for records.


Make an API Call
Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.


Create Customer Payment
Create Customer Payment

Create Invoice
Create Purchase/Sales Invoice

Create Invoice Line
Create Invoice Line.

Create Payment
Create Payment Method/Term

Download Invoice
Download Invoice

Get Item Details
Get details of Invoice/Customer/Vendor

Create Customer/Vendor
Create Customer/Vendor

Update Customer/Vendor
Update Customer/Vendor


Search Items
Search Invoice, Customer, Vendor, Payment term

How To Get This Automation App

Follow these simple steps to set up and get Microsoft Business Central Automation installed in minutes.

Step-1 Create Account on

This automation app works on so you will have to create a free or paid account on

Use the following link to signup and get 10,000 operations free on for the first month. Later you can choose the plan that suits your requirement.

Magic Signup link:


Step-2 Click on Get Now button and make the payment

Step-3 Fill out the required details here

Once the details are submitted, we shall install the app.

Register a new application in Azure Portal and get Client ID, Client Secret. 

Fill organization base URL and activation key.

Book A Free Consultation Call

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