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Auto extract leads from Comments on Facebook Ads

Are you are a busy marketer, spending few hours every day to review comments posted on your Ads or regular posts. Then this small automation can save you a lot time, effort and money.

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Answers To Your
Most Common Questions

  • Is this a lead generation or data scrapping service?
    No, this is simple automation to extract your leads from your Facebook Ad campaign and deliver them to your salesperson's WhatsApp instantly. We do neither run any marketing campaigns nor scrape data.
  • I run a digital marketing agency with 5 clients, so do I have to get this set up separately for each client?
    Yes, you have to get a separate setup for each of you because of the clients. This is because every client will have different Facebook pages hence they cannot be consolidated together.
  • Is my lead data secured?
    We keep data security on top of everything. All your lead's data is sensitive; hence we do not store any of the information on our servers and databases. You are covered with a legal agreement.
  • How much time does lead delivery take on WhatsApp?
    It is almost instant, you will get notified within 1 minute of lead submission on Facebook.
  • Can I remove any of my sales person from allocation?
    Yes, you can either deactivate any salesperson or delete them completely from the Leads allocation rule sheet.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    Yes, you can cancel it anytime. You can also remove our Facebook ID from your page role to completely terminate our access to your page and lead forms.
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