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Automating Sample Testing Funnel : From Lead Capturing to Feedback

We recently created this Product Sample Testing Funnel Automation for one of our clients. This integrates GetResponse, SlickText, SignNow,, and Google Sheets on the client’s WordPress website. Here is how I did it -

Project Objectives:

Streamlining the client's Sample Testing Funnel from lead capturing to feedback forms for a company that sends out Testing Samples for different brands.


  • GetResponse: Leads subscribe to the product using GetResponse

  • Automated Email: When the form is filled, using an Automated Email with a link to another survey is sent to the subscriber.

  • Manual Selection: All the survey answers are visible to the client in a Google sheet, where they can handpick who to accept or deny, and also select what products go to each subscriber

  • Google Sheets: All the selected subscribers are entered into a Google sheet, using Google App Script, along with the products selected for them.

  • Email: All selected subscribers will receive a congratulations email for their selection with a link to the company’s liability form (created using SignNow)

  • Logistics: Once the liability form is filled, using, the in-house shipping department receives an email with the Name and Address of the subscriber. They attach a QR code and ship all the contents.

  • Email Chain: The QR triggers an Email Chain with 1 week delays in 4 check-in emails using Outlook

  • SlickText: Using SlickText, each subscriber is sent an SMS message to check their Email box for the latest check-in email.

  • Feedback: 4th email contains a link to the post-survey Google form, which will allow subscribers to input their details and experience after using the samples. These details are shared with the in-house QA Team.

Tangible Outcomes:

  • Improved efficiency in Client Cycle

  • Faster and Organized management of multiple leads and subscribers

  • Seamless connection between Inbound Leads and Logistics

  • Improved client communication

Unlocking Efficiency with Automation: If you're looking to optimize workflows and simplify complex tasks, automation is the key. I have expertise in seamlessly integrating services like, utilizing APIs for streamlined processes, and leveraging Google Sheets for efficient data management.

Connect today to embark on a journey towards more streamlined and efficient operations.

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