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Elevate Your SMS Campaigns: Twilio SMS Automation on

Project description

Embark on a journey of lead nurturing excellence with our SMS campaign automation powered by Twilio, on This purpose-driven solution aims to enhance lead engagement through a meticulously crafted funnel comprising 10 diverse templates sent at customizable intervals.

Key Features:

  •  Lead Nurturing Funnel: - Implement a lead nurturing strategy with 10 different templates sent at defined intervals. - Customize time gaps between messages, offering flexibility (e.g., two, three, or five days) with our automation.

  • Enrollment and Initiation: - Maintain a recipient list with phone numbers for easy enrollment. - Initiate the SMS campaign with a simple click, triggering the automated sequence based on defined intervals.

  • Dashboard Insights: - Display recipient details, the content of the last message, send date/time, and message count on a user-friendly dashboard. - Clearly present the next SMS send date, calculated dynamically based on enrollment date and message intervals.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: - Generate an overall campaign report detailing total messages (SMS) sent, template message distribution, and date distribution. - Maintain a complete log capturing date/time of the last sent message, recipient phone number, template number, and status.

  • Google Apps Script Integration: - Develop the system using Google Apps Script for seamless integration with Google Sheets. - Leverage Google Sheets for recipient and last message data storage, and utilize triggers for automation.

  • Twilio API Configuration: - Configure Twilio API to facilitate seamless communication and automation. - Ensure a secure and efficient connection between the automated system and Twilio for message delivery.


  • Our SMS campaign automation on and twilio yields transformative benefits for your lead nurturing endeavors:

  • Efficiency: Streamline lead nurturing with automated, well-timed messages with Twilio and Automations.

  • Flexibility: Customize time gaps between messages for optimal engagement.

  • Visibility: Gain insights through a comprehensive dashboard and reporting system on Google sheets using Google Apps Script.

  • Precision: Calculate next send dates dynamically for an orchestrated campaign.

  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate Google Apps Script and Twilio for a robust and secure automation solution.

Transform Your Lead Nurturing Strategy: Ready to elevate your lead nurturing game? Our SMS campaign automation, driven by Twilio on, offers a powerful tool to enhance engagement, automate communication, and deliver valuable insights. Contact us today to explore how this innovative solution can revolutionize your SMS campaigns and nurture leads effectively.

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