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Leads Management Automation

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

We recently helped one business operating in B2B segment in Education Tech. We are happy to share our findings and how we improved their Leads Management process. Sharing insight of this case so it can help your clients or business.

Client Background

  • Client works in B2B in Education Sector

  • Offer 6 different products to clients

  • Generating leads from Facebook

  • Using Zoho Bigin CRM & Microsoft Teams for collaboration

  • 24 people in Sales team

Problems they were facing

  • Deployed 2 people to manage CRM and allocate leads

  • Wasting leads when no one is available to attend them

  • When a new sales person added or removed, they have to update allocation scenario / router

  • Leads directly sync in CRM, no other update to Sales people

  • Leads allocating in non working hours (as their ads continues 24*7)

  • Over allocation of leads when sales person has enough leads

  • At times irrelevant allocation - no correlation in product lead & sales person

  • No communication to lead prospect

  • Sales people not aware when payment done by client

How we improved it

  • Thoroughly studied the entire flow, processes, organisation structure, work practices and key features of different systems they deployed

  • Identified & filled gaps at every step

  • Established connection among Facebook, CRM, Microsoft Teams, Data Store, Notification, Payment Gateway

  • Structured information flow through MS Teams channels


  • Saved 2 Headcounts - increased efficiency and productivity

  • Robust Linear Flow - No routers required

  • Management of unallocated leads

  • Real time notification to Sales people via MS Teams & SMS integration

  • Real time acknowledgement to prospect

  • Smart Allocation - based on sales person availability and product they sell

  • No lead allocation in non working hours

  • Leads availability information to sales people so they can request when they want

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