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Weekly KPI & Performance Tracking Automation

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Project description

This is a Automation that lets employees report their work every Friday.

Here is how it works.


Make a automation that lets employees of a company self-report their weekly objectives and achievements.


Introducing an advanced automation scenario with an employee-side and admin-side dashboard

Advanced Tech & AI Tools:

  • Google Sheets Automation: This is where all the data is kept. This has sheets like Team Setup, Submission Status, Employee Responses, Reports and Dashboard, Backup, etc. This also acts as an Admin Side Dashboard.

  • Automation: Here we integrated Google Sheets, Gmail, WordPress, and Google Forms / Jot Forms to create a cohesive and streamlined Automation

  • Gmail: Each employee gets a link to the form on their company profile

  • JotForms: This is the form that is sent to all the employees every Friday, to ask them about their weekly targets and satisfaction levels.

  • Google Apps Script: Creating Dynamic Form creation, Data Fetching, Dynamic Dropdowns, Creating Reports on Google Sheets, etc.

Tangible Outcomes:

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Better reporting of employee efficiency and overall company efficiency

  • Department wise Data comparison

  • Better grievance redressal

  • Data management and tracking on Google Sheets

Empowering Business Success:

Does your company want better employee tracking and satisfaction? I can be your tech implementation partner. Using my knowledge of automation and Integrations, I can create automation that makes your lives easier.

Reach out today, and let's explore how this innovative solution can reshape your online presence and drive meaningful growth.

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